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Client testimonials 

May 2014


Hi Laurie:

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help with the boys. After trying other

trainers and coming away with more problems than when we started, it is so refreshing to come to

your classes and be able to really benefit from the information being given. You have a very unique

insight into what is needed to train small breed dogs,and the able to see that training through the

process. Each day the boys are gaining a higher comfort level and their confidence is growing by leaps

and bounds. It has been a real pleasure to see them grow with the training and become very happy

with what is being asked of them. It has been FUN!!!!!!! And really isn’t that what training is about,

having fun, and at the same time you are growing and working together as a team.

Sue, Zyrus, Teiko & Ramessess


April 2014

          Dear Laurie,

 I wanted to write to you thank you for all your help. Your love of dogs and your

encouragement have been an inspiration to me. I waited twenty years to get another

dog to train and compete. I am glad that I waited in order to be able to work with

you.  Never, would I have thought that I would be doing agility with a dog. It is great

fun. I look forward to the new exciting classes that you are planning.

Thank you Meredith and Ivy


Jan 2013

Thanks Laurie for helping a desperate family in need of
training. Not only did you train Maggie our 10-month-old
border collie/bull dog mix but you trained us as well.
Maggie isn't our first dog nor will she be our last,
however with your expertise she will be our first
well-trained dog. Exhausted from the lack of attention
Maggie gave to our commands we were pleased to discover your
board and train program¯. Now at 1 year of
age Maggie has come along way with her obedience training.
We are able to set her loose in the yard knowing that when
we give a command she will heed to it. We also
welcomed and appreciated your follow up home visits. Seeing
an obedient Maggie with you in her own environment was
inspiring to say the least. Not only were you able to manage
Maggie at your kennel but you were able to show us we could
maintain that control in her own home as well. We thank you
for all your hard work to make Maggie the relaxed respectful
dog that we look forward to spending lots of years with.

Dave, Brenda, Sara & Carly



My husband and I met Laurie McLaughlin from Canine Companion Dog Training in September of 2011. 

We own a border collie, with a lot of energy, and a lot of drive to work and learn. 

The “classes” we attended with another trainer had our pup so bored, and under stimulated,

and as a result of certain practices that allowed dogs to run together with NO structure she

has developed some poor social behaviours, and was allowed to “practice” ignoring us in this

setting – resulting in poor recall, and poor focus when in a group setting.

Since we began working with Laurie, our pup’s behaviour and willingness to learn has improved

 drastically.  We have moved from basic obedience classes, all the way to advanced agility and

love it!  Laurie makes the classes fun for the dogs (and owners...!), and our pup has an absolute

blast.  We have been working on the poor habits she picked up working with another trainer,

and are making real progress.  Laurie is excellent at thinking outside of the box, has a ton of

different ‘training tools’ in her tool box, and is outstanding at finding a way to help you the

owner understand...!

Prior to switching trainers, we were feeling so frustrated, we really feel like meeting

Laurie and working with her “rescued” us J !!