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We offer different levels of obedience from puppy class, basic pet, intermediate, advanced and competition. Obedience is about how well your dog responds to your commands regardless of who or what is going on around them. A well trained dog is a joy to have around. Dogs are capable of learning hundreds of commands. Remember train don't complain. Any breed can be trained with the right instructor.



Rally is for the dog that knows at least obedience basics. They should know at a minimum how to heel, sit and down on command. In Rally you read and follow signs. It is important to know what the signs mean.



Obedience instructor is nationally certified through National Assosiation of Dog Obedience Instructors - instructor #1103 and has earned the Canadian Obedience Trial Champion title as well as Utility titles in AKC and UKC. Also earned 5 high in specialty trial wins as well as a high combined award. We have been dog training since 1980 in one form or another. We have taught and helped hundreds over the years. We have trained, shown (proven) and titled our own dogs to the highest levels in Obedience and Rally. We attend seminars, classes and also steward at shows to keep us up to date on any changes as they happen.