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Basic Obedience course is 6 weeks, Nosework courses are 5 weeks and 4 weeks for Agility & Rally. 

Course content and pricing listed below.


Course Content



Puppy Class for pups under 6 months of age

Prerequisite - none

Course covers: Potty training, Crate Training, Biting, Jumping, Examinations, Sit, Down, Walking Nicely and Confidence Building Exercises.


Basic Obedience Class for pups over 14 weeks through senior dogs (they are never too old to learn!)

Prerequisite - none

Course covers: Loose leash heeling, Automatic sit, Sit for examine, Pace changes, Directional changes, Recalls / coming when called, Sit stay, Down stay with distractions and we also cover not biting, not jumping and any other home problems you may have.


Intermediate/Advanced Obedience  Class

Prerequisite - dog needs to be fluent in exercises from basic obedience

Course covers: everything from the Basic course, Finish, Stand for examine, Fine tuning exercises, Attention games and the Start of off leash heeling.


Competition Class

Prerequisite - dog needs to be fluent in exercises from advanced obedience

Course covers: everything from the advanced course, attention games, off leash heeling, ring rules and ring readiness assessment




Intro to scent detection 

Prerequisite - none

Course covers: introduction to Birch, PT ready, blind hides, food distractions


Level 2 scent detection

Prerequisite - able to pass PT on Birch 

Course covers: introduction to anise and clove, multiple hides, interior hides


Level 3 scent detection

Prerequisite - able to pass PT on Birch, Anise and Clove and able to do Nov-Adv level boxes and interiors 

Course covers: introduction to Myrrh, Vetiver and Cypress, exteriors and vehicles


Advanced through Elite Levels

Prerequisite - must be working at Superior or higher levels 

Course covers: scent puzzels, staying at source exercises, full show elements



Prerequisite - dog needs to know how to heel, sit, down, stand, stay, come and finishes

Course covers: akc,ukc or ckc rally obedience signs




Intro to Agility

Prerequisite - only non aggressive dogs, dogs needs a solid recall (comes when called under distraction) and preferably a sit and down stay

Course covers: jumps, tunnel, tire jump, table, contact criteria, wraps and crosses


Intermediate Agility

Prerequisite - dog needs the skills from the introduction class (can be assessed if they have done agility before)

Course covers:  continuing everything from introduction class, contact equipment (A-frame and dog walk), weave poles, sequencing and advanced handling skills.


Advanced Agility 

Prerequisite - dog needs all skills from intermediate class (can be assessed if they have done agility before) 

Course covers: advanced skills, teeter and competition regulations and trial readiness


Any course can be paid by etransfer to

or by cash or check in person.


Obedience - 6 weeks for Basic and 5 weeks for all others

Basic Obedience - level 1                 150.00

Intermediate Obedience - level 2        120.00

Advanced/Competition - level 3           100.00


Nosework - Scent Detection - 5 weeks 

Intro to Scent - level 1                   150.00

Intermediate Scent - level 2              140.00

Advanced/Competition - level 3           125.00


Rally - 4 weeks

Advanced/Competition                      100.00


Agility - 4 weeks

Intro to Agility - level 1                   100.00

Agility - level 2 and level 3                100.00

Agility Fun                                    100.00






ID: 013
Price: 8.00
ID: 014
Price: 20.00
ID: 015
Price: 30.00